2018-2019 Riding Lesson Enrollment

Lesson Program Effective Dates - September 1, 2018 - May 31, 2019
All lessons are 45 Minute Private Format - 5 minutes for mount/dismount, 40 minutes active riding. Horses will be prepared and waiting at the arena (instructor or instructor's assistant will be holding horse, waiting to assist rider to mount) at the scheduled start time for each lesson. Lesson program students may be dropped directly at the arena to begin their lesson or wait on the viewing deck. No grooming or equipment assistance will be allowed or required from students during the after-school lesson hours.  

** Please click here to download and complete all paperwork and return to Info@TrinityEquestrianATL.com**


Enrollment Fee- $425 (Register before 8/1/18 and only pay $375)

Two rider families or riders registering for 2x/week lessons: use code SIBLING at checkout and pay only $212.50 per rider before August 1st!

All riders on the fall lesson schedule pay a one time per year, non-transferable, non-refundable enrollment fee. Enrollment fees secure your permanent weekly time slot on our after-school lesson schedule, which begins September 1, 2018 and terminates on May 31, 2019. To register your rider and select your weekly time slot, please enroll here. 

Plan 1  - Single Rider/ once weekly

Plan 1 is suitable for one-rider families. Riders will have a recurring weekly time slot and typically progress at a gradual pace. This is the minimum commitment available to ensure that our horses and riders are safe and comfortable.  

This plan includes 4 lessons per month in September, October, November, March, April and May. 2 lessons and 2 trail rides per month in December, January and February. All lesson program participants may attend up to 4 Saturday clinics or Holiday camps, as offered.

Rates and payment options for Plan 1:  
1. Three payments of $960 each, due by the 25th of August, November, and February.

2. Pay Annually, 1 payment of $2380 ,due on or before 8/25

Plan 2  - 2 lessons/week (8/month)

Plan 2 is suitable for one or two rider families. Riders will have two weekly time slots that can be assigned to two different riders in household or to an individual rider. Two-rider families must designate rider/time slot for the year and each rider is subject individually to all policies and rules.

This plan includes: 8 total lessons per month in September, October, November, March, April and May. 4 total lessons and 2 total trail rides per month in December, January, February; and up to 8 total clinic days/holiday camp days per term.

Rates and Payment options for Plan 2:  
1. Pay 9 monthly payments of $455, each due by the 25th of each month, beginning August 25th.

2. Pay 3 monthly payments of $1120 each, due by the 25th of August, November, and February.

3. One annual payment of $3120, due on or before 8/25